Dr. Yen-Con Hung

Dr. Yen-Con Hung is a professor in the Department of Food Science and Technology at the University of Georgia. His area of expertise is on applying the fundamentals of engineering science to biological materials to ensure the high quality and safety of food products.

Dr. Hung started working on water electrolysis in 1997 as an environmentally friendly alternative non-thermal treatment to ensure the safety of foods.  Generated on-site, electrolyzed (EO) water is formed by electrolyzing a dilute sodium chloride solution that is subsequently separated into an acidic fraction and a basic fraction.  EO water obtained from the anode side has a very strong bactericidal and virucidal effect.  EO water obtained from the cathode side has strong reduction potential.

Dr. Hung received over two million dollars in grants and contracts to support his EO water research.  He has also published 30 scholarly-refereed scientific journal articles on his EO water research findings.  He has two patents pending.  One is on a process for enhancing the stability of acidic EO water and the other is on maintaining properties and quality of alkaline EO water.

Dr. Hung has also received several highly distinguished professional awards such as the prestigious American Society of Agricultural Engineers New Holland Young Researcher Award, the University of Georgia Creative Research Medal, and the Gamma Sigma Delta Senior Faculty Research Award.  He was elected as an IFT Fellow in 2004.

Dr. Hung’s research has been featured in numerous press releases from University and scientific societies, such as the American Chemical Society and American Institute of Physics and many trade magazines.  He is also a frequently invited speaker to many national and international conferences including the Japanese Functional Water Society (Japan EO water Society) and is currently working with scientists from Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, and the US to develop international standards on EO water.