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Article TitleDate AddedSummary
Electrolyzed water treatment of food
10/14/11Hao et al 2011 report degradation of the pesticides acephate, omethoate, and dimethyl dichloroviny phosphate (DDVP) immersing vegetables in electrolyzed oxidizing water with pH 2.3 and chlorine concentration:70 ppm and the electrolyzed reducing water during 30 minutes.
Finally, It’s a Cleaning Fluid You Can Drink10/14/11In essence, it’s salt water, but a new drinkable cleaning fluid has been deemed a “miracle liquid,” the Los Angeles Times reports.


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Japanese Society for Functional Water (10th annual meeting)Oct. 22-23, 2011, Tokyo, Japan
International Society for Acidic Electrolyzed Water : Research and ApplicationNov. 4-6, 2010, Beijing, China
Japanese Society for Functional Water (9th annual meeting)Oct. 30-31, 2010, Biwako Hotel, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, Japan