International Forum for Acidic Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water Research and Application

November 4-6, 2010

Beijing, China


3rd Nov.         Registration

4th Nov.

7:00~9:00     Breakfast          (Friendship Juhe garden )

9:00~9:45     Opening ceremony   (Rui Bing Building No.1 Meeting room)

9:45~10:00    Tea break

10:00~10:40  The Application and Consideration on AEOW in China          

Yuan Qiakuang
China CDC

10:40~11:20  The Application Research on Electrolyed Function Water in Plant Protection

Li Lite
Professor-China Agricultural University

11:20~12:00   A New Approach to Sanitation for the 21st Century: Slightly Acidic Hypochlorous Acid Water

Mamoru Tomita ,Ph.D
Chairman-Slightly Acidic Electrolyzed Water Association

12:00~13:30  Lunch   (Friendship Juhe garden )

13:30~14:10  Application and Development of AEOW in China

Li Xinwu
Deputy Director-Center for disinfection of China CDC

14:10~14:50  Effect of EOW on solving Bacterial Biofilm problem

Cao Jingui
Director-Air Force General Hospital

14:50~15:30    Surgical, hygienic and social hand-washing with AEOW:Effect on removing organic contaminants and general bacteria.                      

Kunimoto Hotta ,Ph.D.
Secretary General-The Japanese Society for Functional Water

15:30~15:45  Tea break

15:45~16:25  Study on Clinical Application and Corrosion of Endoscope of AEOW

Wu Renpei
Deputy Director-Changhai Hospital of Shanghai

16:25~17:05  Efficacy of electrolyzed water produced from different principles

Dr. Yen-Con Hung
The University of Georgia

17:05~17:45    Bactericidal efficiency of SAEW for inactivation of foodborne pathogens and applications in animal farms

Cao Wei ,Ph.D.
Associate ProfessorChina Agricultural University

18:00~19:00  Supper     (Friendship Juhe garden )

5th Nov.

7:00~9:00      Breakfast      (Friendship Juhe garden )

9:00~9:30     Applications of AEOW Disinfection System in Healthcare

Wang Shaohui
Director-PLA 305 Hospital

9:30~10:10   Usage of Electrolyzed Water in Japan

Hisashi Morozumi
Amano Corporation 

10:10~10:25   Tea break

10:25~10:55   EOW and Endoscopy Sterilization Clinical implications and cautions

Fang Ying
First Affiliated Hospital, College of Medicine Zhejiang University

10:55~11:25  Application of Electrolyzed Water in the Production of Sprout and Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables 

Liu Haijie, Ph.D.
Associate Professor-China Agricultural University

11:25~11:55  Applications of AEOW in CSSD of Healthcare                         

Mao Yaqin
Second Affiliated Hospital, College of Medicine Zhejiang University

12:00~13:30  Lunch     (Friendship Juhe garden )

13:30~14:10  Structure, Function and Manufacture Technology of Electrolytic cell

Liu Xinzhi
Engineer-Beijing SiTaiNuo Water Technologies Development Co., Ltd.

14:10~14:50  AEOW Applications in Food Processing

Tian Minghua
Professor-Institute of Food Industry of Beijing

14:50~15:30  Antibacterial, hydrogen ion generating ceramic ball alkaline filter

Jeon Hyoung
Biocera Co., Ltd. Korea

15:30~16:10  Study on effect of EOW disinfect meat

Ren Zhandong
Wuhan Polytechnic University
Wang Hong
Wuhan Lihui New Tech Co., Ltd

16:10~16:40  Closing ceremony

17:30~19:00  Supper    (Friendship Juhe garden )

6th Nov.

7:00~9:00     Breakfast   (Friendship Juhe garden )

9:00~12:00    Visit

12:00~13:30  Lunch      (Friendship Juhe garden )